20 - Years Of Experience

KBTU today

KBTU is a world-class university, a leader in the country and region, operating in cooperation and conjunction with key stakeholders: scientific community, students, teachers, MES RK, industry, partner universities, accreditation and rating agencies, alumni. ​

KBTU trains specialists at 3 levels:​
13 undergraduate educational programs;​
15 postgraduate educational programs;​
12 PhD educational programs. 

Today 3680 students, postdergraduates and PhD students study at KBTU. 3052 of them are undergraduates, 540 are postgraduates and 88 are PhD students. ​More than 6,000 talented young people have graduated from KBTU since the day of its foundation: 5366 graduates of Bachelor and 1,399 graduates who graduated from masters and PhD programmes, including highly qualified specialists, heads of large companies, including leading national and foreign ones, making a worthy contribution to the development of the country. 

The key moments in the history of the development of the university are:​
The only university in the Republic of Kazakhstan with international ABET accreditation - the most prestigious US agency for accreditation of engineering specialties ​
The only university in Central Asia, whose programs accredited by American Business Council-Schools and ACBSP Programs (USA), CIMA, ACCA and CFA.​
International School of Economics KBTU is a recognized educational center of the University of London. 

Step #1

A student submits an application on the website www.kbtu.edu.kz from 06.09.21 to 20.09.21

Step #2

Processing applications from 21.09.21 to 23.09.21

Step #3

Commission meeting (8 senators, 8 activists, 2 KBTU employees) 24.09.21

Step #4

Publication of results 25.09.21

Step #5

Formation of a general purchase order from 27.09.21 to 30.09.21

Step #6


Step #7

From 11.10.21 Implementation of projects

Step #8

Report (on the website) within 10 days from the date of project implementation


Why Choose Us

  • Industry Leader

    No. 1 Technical University of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Employment

    98% employment of graduates. Geography - the whole world!

  • Student Life

    Unique student life simulating a corporate environment


Our History

The KBTU building is located in the historical center of Almaty: the main facade of the building overlooks the Astana square, which is popularly called the Old Square.

1972 - KSSR

Supreme Soviet, the Council of Ministers and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Kazakh SSR

1990 - RK

On October 25, 1990, the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Kazakh SSR was adopted

2001 - KBTU

KBTU was established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1027 dated August 3, 2001

2001 - UK - RK

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair became the founders of KBTU


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