Presidents of student organizations (Mazhilis) - coordination of all student organizations and creative associations.

1ArtHouse - Art House KBTU
Oken Daryn D_oken@kbtu.kz

2Alive - Alive KBTU
Malika Izbembetova M_izbembetova@kbtu.kz 
ALIVE STUDENTS is a student organization, the main activity of which is dedicated to the arrangement of interesting projects, both entertaining and educational, projects such as ISE FEST, HALLOWEEN Horror Quest, ISE FOOTBALL CUP, Secret Santa, AFTER FINAL PARTY, mountain trips, Movie evenings in KBTU, Speed Dating, meetings with media personalities, paintball tournaments. ALIVE STUDENTS is, indeed, a big family, ready to accept everyone who will be faithful to us and our principles and will always defend our honor.
3Faces - Faces KBTU
Adil Bektursunov A_bektursunov@kbtu.kz
Faces is the official club of KBTU for organizing the largest entertainment events such as Mr. and Mrs. KBTU, KBTU ON ICE, PHOTOHUNTER and others. The main goal of Faces family is to enrich student life, organize cultural and leisure activities. The club has been operating for more than 8 years and during this time has won numerous KBTU cups.
4Crystal - Crystal KBTU
The organization is archived
Crystal KBTU is an organization that has set itself the goal of holding memorable events for KBTU students. The tasks of the community also include assistance in the adaptation and socialization of first-year students.
Activities and projects:
1. Invasion - intro party, annual warm-up at the beginning of the school year, before upcoming events.
2. Love Sensation is an annual event dedicated to Valentine's Day.
3. Thematic party – a party dedicated to a specific topic, such as Gatsby party and so on.
4. Groove on is the noisiest party.
5. Grand Commencement is a party dedicated to first-year students.
5BigCityLights - BigCityLights KBTU
Aldiyar Tlegenov A_tlegenov@kbtu.kz
Big city lights shine for you again.
You can feel lonely. You can feel blue. It seems that you don't fit in this town. Your soul wants to fly. Familiar feelings?
Student life is exactly right time for you to glow. We are not the most talented, most creative or even most disciplined people, but we have united students with spark and love in their eyes. That is the important thing, isn't it?
We are Big City Lights and we aimed to make KBTU student life great again. Scary Halloween, unforgettable Speed Dating, most wanted Cup of 7, Reunion trip and these are only small part of what we did previously in order to take you away from squalor of world.
We are not just an organisation. We are family where everyone is accepted, each of you is loved and where your ability is your highlight which is appreciated. We found a love, true friends and memories here and want to share this atmosphere with you.
New year, new goals, new edition. We will bring a fire to your heart. 
6Mountain Kings - Mountain Kings KBTU
Malika Kaiyrbek  M_kaiyrbek@kbtu.kz
Mountain Kings was Founded in 2018 in KBTU. The purpose of organization is to promote outstanding active outdoor achievement in KBTU community and in other universities of Almaty city. Additionally, to educate members about a variety of outdoor adventures, including safe and proper techniques and methods, such as climbing, tourism, snowboarding and skiing. We encourage students to lead trips and introduce new activities in the club. Members are eligible to purchase the equipment at affordable costs or free for active participation in the organization. Our motto is "Through adversity to the mountains".
7Student Theater - KBTU Theatre Club
Damira Koyanbayeva D_koyanbaeva@kbtu.kz
The student theater is a place where you can comfortably spend your time, try on the images of heroes from your favorite works, as well as develop your speech and overcome the fear of performing in front of the public. The most important and favorite thing in our club is the rehearsal periods, you plunge into the atmosphere of positive, as well as make new friends and comrades.
8Geek Cultural Club - KBTU Geek
Al Adi Zhunus A_zhunus@kbtu.kz 
Geek Cultural Club is the place, where you can find a soulmate with the same interests and hobbies. Сan't find an interlocutor, there is no one to play with? This is your place of randevu. Just try out and check by yourself, expand your social horizonts. Discuss, play and meet! Let the 2.5 spicy be with you.
9FunLife KBTU - FunLife KBTU
The organization is archived

10Student EXCELLENCE - KBTU Studex

Shakhmardan Makhmetkozha S_makhmetkhozha@kbtu.kz

The KBTU Student Excellence Organization engages students in a variety of academic activities and courses. StudEx facilitates the execution of ideas and initiatives, as well as providing mentorship for a wide range of scientific activities. With the support of volunteer teachers, StudEx assists in the teaching of time-consuming subjects. Also, the organization holds scientific conferences and works closely with the Alumni Association, doing a lot of intriguing interviews and a mentorship program with them.

Alisher Uvazhanov A_uvazhanov@kbtu.kz

12Intellectual Debate Club - IDC KBTU
Alisher Kabylbekov A_kabylbekov@kbtu.kz
IDC KBTU is an intellectual organization that provides students with a platform to exchange opinions and debate on a variety of social, economic and political topics. The purpose of the organization is the intellectual development of students, by participating in debates, you can acquire such valuable skills as communication, critical thinking and analysis, public speaking and structuring. IDC KBTU is one of the oldest clubs in KBTU, among the city debate clubs it has always been famous for its successful speakers.
13Elite Club - Brain KBTU

Sardar Sadykov S_sadykov@kbtu.kz

Elite Club of KBTU is an intellectual organization, that holds activities and various events, including but not limited to popular intellectual games such as "What? Where? When?", "Brain ring", "Jeopardy!". The club hosted over 10 intellectual tournaments and won multiple cups on behalf of KBTU.
14KBTU Startup Incubator - KBTU StartUP


Vladimir Popov V.popov@kbtu.kz
"KBTU Startup Incubator" allows every student with ideas to choose/generate the most prominent Idea and walk the full path from (MCI) Maximum Competitive Idea to (MVP) Minimum Viable Product and Techno Business.


Dias Ormaganbetov D_ormaganbetov@kbtu.kz

16Parasat - Parasat KBTU
Gaukhartas Zhuragat G_zhuragat@kbtu.kz

17S-cubed - S3

Dias Ormaganbetov D_ormaganbetov@kbtu.kz

18Germany Club - QnG Family
Dinara Mairambayeva D_mairambaeva@kbtu.kz

19Enactus - Enactus KBTU
Aibek Zhambyl Ai_zhambyl@kbtu.kz
Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision - to create a better, more sustainable world.
20Generation Z - Generation Z
Timur Nurzhanov T_nurzhanov@kbtu.kz

21Cybersport - KBTU Cybersport
Togzhan Baglankyzy T_baglankyzy@kbtu.kzCybersport is not only one of the types of hobbies and games, but it is also the development of communication skills in the digital world, software customization, teaching teamwork and game ethics, as well as a socialization tool.
22KBTU Higlanders - Rugby KBTU

Sobirzhon Davlatov S_davlatov@kbtu.kz

23KBTU FootBall - Football LeagueThe organization is archived

24Unit - Unit KBTU
Damir Barikenov D_barikenov@kbtu.kz

25Sanaly Urpaq - SU KBTU
The organization is archived

26Volunteer corps - KBTU Volunteers
Aigerim Zhumanalina A_zhumanalina@kbtu.kz
The Volunteer Corps KBTU was founded in 2020. The purpose of the organization is to develop social self-realization of student youth by familiarizing them with various types of social activity, involving them in the voluntary movement. Our organization organizes collective trips for different purposes: shelters, orphanages, the home of the elderly, clean-up days in public places, etc. Furthermore, each member can get a lot of experience and new acquaintances with different interesting people. Our motto is "Keep Being Thankful Union”.
27Eco Community - EcoAltynay Shuakbayeva A_shuakhbaeva@kbtu.kz
Eco community is the student organisation, which organises eco-events to support the sustainable living using modern solutions and increases the awareness about local and global ecological situation among KBTU community.
28Profit KBTU - Profit KBTUThe organization is archived

29KBFA KBTU - KBFA KBTUThe organization is archived

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